Fancies of a Former Optimistic Realist 1

What would y’all say is more cruel? Being honest with someone about the caliber of talent they possess concerning creativity  (singing, dancing, acting, writing, modeling, etc.) so that they won’t get discouraged and give up because they don’t hit the big time? Or encouraging them by artificially inflating their abilities so that they will go as far as they can despite the real danger of depression and spirit crippling defeat when they never reach stardom? 

I’m curious about this because I want to make sure that my children (should they aspire to create and turn out not to be good at it) don’t suffer. That they will be content with and thankful for any success they achieve, whether they end up being a big star or a well received local talent. I also want to make sure they don’t get discouraged if they end up not being able to make a career out of their talents, that they still take pleasure in them as something to do in their free time to help them unwind. 

I know from experience how much it sucks when not only do you realize that all the praise you’ve received for your creativity was from people who didn’t want to hurt your feelings by telling you the truth, but now the pleasure you used to take in doing these things as a relaxing activity is tainted with disappointment that you can’t earn a living doing something you love. I really don’t want my children to know this feeling. 

So if you choose to answer this question, please do so honestly. Think about what you would want for yourself and let that be the answer. Depending on which thought gets more attention it might give me insight about what to do should this situation arise. 

And for the love of God and all that’s sacred and holy in this world, DO NOT MISTAKE THIS AS A PLOY FOR SYMPATHY!!!!

It’s not. I’m learning to live with the hand life has dealt me, and your sympathy would be wasted. Save it for someone who is younger and has a better chance of making a better way for themselves. 
Take care everyone. Xxxx&Oooo ~